This is not “Add a friend.” This is my personal wall, predating Facebook – the Wall of Hugs.


I have been blessed with friends – unique and caring individuals, whose love and encouragement I truly treasure. Some came into my life and stayed, others appeared briefly but, like comets, they left a stream of light behind them. Some are like family, those I see or talk with nearly every day. I sometimes call them ‘the tribe.’ Then there is the far wider circle of people I know through my work and projects. For this page, I’ve chosen only those who have their own projects you might check out. But I’d like to thank all my friends, including those without a ‘public persona,’ for all their love and support.



  • Gwendolyn Albert
  • Louis Armand
  • Julie Ashley


  • Kristin Barendsen
  • Noah Barnes – Captain of a nearly 150-year-old schooner called Stephen Taber in Maine. Also an excellent musician and my dear friend from “the old days” in landlocked Prague.
  • Jana Bártová
  • Scott Bellefeuille
  • Emilio Bellu
  • Pavel Beneš
  • Karel Beránek
  • Vlasta Bicáková
  • Liam G. Billingham
  • Pat Bohn
  • Iliya Bolotyansky
  • Sarah Borufka
  • Alasdair Bouch
  • Nikola Brabenec
  • Galen Brandt – writer, speaker, musician, and performer, specializing in new media technologies, the
    healing potential of virtual reality and avatar applications.
  • Anne Brechin – British poet, Poetry Editor of The Prague Review and organizer of Alchemy Readings
  • Marie Brožová & Martin Brož – Marie is a Czech artist specializing in colored pencils, as well as an author. Her husband Martin is a classical guitarist, but now her manager.
  • Margot Buff
  • Olda Bureš


  • Peter Boyce le Couteur – British artist, musician, writer and one of the dearest people I know. Check out his Blog; Eisegetics Institute (a fun art project), some music on Youtube
  • Vera Chase
  • Julie Chibbaro – an award winning novelist who lived and wrote in Prague, now in NY.
  • Lily Chu
  • Rachael M. Collins
  • Christopher Cook
  • Chris Crawford
  • Sandra Crouch
  • Kája Curtis


  • Bruce Damer – computer scientist, writer, educator, designer, founder of a museum… Bruce is just incredible and we miss him.
  • Deborah Danziger
  • Neil Danziger
  • Stephan Delbos
  • Natalya Dotsenko


  • Vadim Erent
  • Robert Eversz


  • Vincent Farnsworth
  • Robin Finesilver – the best pianist in Prague, originally from UK. Check his FB page for gigs.
  • Jamie Fisher
  • Petr Flícek
  • Michaela Formanova
  • Raphie Frank
  • David Freeling
  • Nicole Freeling
  • Mimi  Fronczak Rogers


  • Róbert Gál
  • Thor Garcia
  • Jan Gemrot
  • Marcus Green
  • Charley Groth


  • Ben Harapat The Granola King, do I need to say more? Well, yes, he’s Czech-Canadian and dedicated to healthy food and lifestyle, but really really fun.
  • Sandrine Harris
  • Jeff Herzbach – the ultimate traveler, but also a software engineer, writer, sculptor and saxophonist. One of my dearest friends. A true Renaissance man.
  • Magdalena Holancová
  • William Hollister
  • Bastiaan Huijgen
  • Bri Hurley


  • Lesley Johnson
  • David Jorgensen


  • Jakub Kahánek
  • Martin Kámen
  • William Karneges
  • Bonnie Kay
  • Natasha Kirshina
  • Vlasta Knirschova
  • Lenka Kolárová – a craniosacral and massage therapist, visual artist, and dance instructor
  • Martin Kopecký
  • Jakub Koucký
  • Zdeněk Král – author of wonderful “Stories in 50 Words” (in Czech)
  • Petr Krupík Krupička
  • Daniel Kupšovský – Czech TV & film director, editor and writer, now living in London. Also my lucky star for more than 20 years. Co-founder/organizer of festivals Art for Life and Prague Pride.
  • Maya Kvetny


  • Jana Labuťová – Czech photographer specializing in interiors and architecture photos for prominent magazines, but she’s also excellent in portraits, because she can make you relax. An amazing lady.
  • Petr Lacina
  • Michael Levitin
  • Christopher Lord
  • Howard Lotker


  • Cristina Maldonado
  • Anthony Marais
  • Lucie Marsikova
  • Paul Martia -metal sculptor, writer, musician. The ultimate soul-twin of my husband’s. Paul is now based in Chicago, but keeps coming back to Prague regularly. And we need him back soon!
  • Jan Maruna
  • Jason Mashak
  • Jiří Mária Mašek
  • Martin Matousek
  • Curt Matthew
  • Ellyn Maybe
  • Lacey McCormick
  • Shannon McCormick – artistic director at the Gnap! Theatre Projects in Austin, Texas. Back in Prague, Shannon was an essential part of the Misery Loves Company group and the Beefstew readings.
  • David McDonnell
  • Joshua Mensch
  • Stuart Mentha
  • Ryan Mergen
  • Eva Meyer
  • Kalie Moore
  • Joseph Morris
  • Andrea Murdockova


  • Ken Nash – designer, animator, writer, musician, founder of Alchemy Readings and one of the most important people in my life, (USA / now in Prague)
  • Anna Neborová
  • Scott Jonathan Nixon


  • William Ojendyk
  • David O’Kelly
  • Phillip O’Neil
  • Peter Orner


  • Olga Pek
  • Chip Persons
  • Ken Persson
  • Kateřina PiňosováCzech visual artist, writer and translator, active member of the Surrealist Group and contributor to the Analogon art magazine.
  • Hana Pirnerová – director of Pomocné tlapky o.p.s. (Helping Paws), breeder exceptional of Labrador retrievers including our famous Barkley
  • Tomáš Pokorný
  • Honza Ponocný
  • Jaromír Průša


  • Pierre Ravan
  • Bonita Rhoads
  • John Robeson


  • Vojta Saman
  • Jeremy Saxon
  • Jana Sofia Seifertová
  • Bethany Shaffer
  • Flanna Sheridan
  • Joe Sherman
  • Tzvi Shmilovich
  • Philipp Schenker
  • Eva de Silva
  • Tim Simmonds
  • Linda Simpson
  • Karl Jakob Skarstein
  • Jenny Smith
  • Jakub Sommer
  • Olga Sommerová
  • Donna Stonecipher
  • Brad Stratton
  • Jean-Marc Superville Sovak – multitalented artist working in sculpture, video, graphic work and more. Jean-Marc is part Czech and grew up in Canada and is now based in New York.
  • Adam Svejkovsky
  • Zdenek Škorpík


  • Lenka Tauchmanová
  • Martina Tesarova
  • Amanda Thomas
  • Anthony TognazziniAmerican writer and musician, host of the original Beefstew Readings in Prague, now based in New York, teacher at the NYU
  • Lenny Trckova
  • Vesna Tvrtković – Bosnian-born, but Czech writer, author of Idiots of the 21st Century (so-far in Czech)


  • Vítězslav Oscar Vojtěchovský



  • James Walling
  • Tomoko Walsh
  • Shelton Walsmith
  • Willie Watson
  • Lawrence Wells
  • Alex Went – of the British Chamber of Commerce, but also the author of an amazing architectural website about Prague. Alex is our ultimate source of knowledge and a fountain of creative energy.
  • Gail Whitmore – a trained opera singer known as the Human Jukebox for being able to sing over a thousand songs, but also a counselor and human rights activist (V-Day and Hollaback projects)


  • Lucien Zell
  • Pavla Magdaléna Zemanová