Code Cracked

Code Cracked

March 27, 2017 0 By Michaela Freeman

As I opened the dialog about values with people around me, I’m finding out that the themes indeed repeat, that there is an internal structure to this. I sense correlations between these subjects and sacred geometry, almost seeing it as an underlying network of all that we call humanity. It sounds posh, it sounds preposterous and it scares me. But it’s real.

I kept looking for the common thread and then it dawned on me – the template is about chakras, the energy centers in our bodies that we all use and usually don’t know about it. Heart is for Love and everything that goes with it. Third-eye is about Wisdom, of course. Our Spirit based crown chakra is about Freedom. How could I not see this?

This was one of the most proufound A-ha moments of my life. One that made me go to the living room to talk to my husband – exhilirated, shaking and crying “I got! I cracked it!” Once I compiled it into a colorful spreasheet, I showed it to Daniel Kupšovský, my long term collaborator and sounding board. “You pretty much cracked the code of the Universe, didn’t you?” he asked in all seriousness. Apparently, he expected no less.

We are long way from done, but the principle is uncovered and now I see everything fall into place like a puzzle. The outline of the final image is showing up, but we’re not done piecing it together. I’m excited about the project, but also strangely and newly content. Something clicked for me personally. Apparently my soul took a long sigh and said “Finally! Now you know what you came here to do. You cracked the code, now do the work.”