First Mock-Up Cards

First Mock-Up Cards

April 1, 2018 0 By Michaela Freeman

The extreme structure of Value Anatomy lends itself to many outputs. Among the ones we already discussed were books and video courses, as well as children’s games or motivational cards. I like working with both motivational and oracle card decks, so this seemed as a natural choice.

Tony Achmat sent me some sample images from Sri Lanka, just snapshots with his mobile phone, so I used them to make initial mock-ups of what the Value Anatomy deck could look like. Exciting!

There are two things I love about these types of cards. One is the element of randomness and that laughable way the “accidental” choices are spot on. I’ve seen so many of them in my career that it stopped being about “believing” – cards just work. At least for me they do, because I’m very comfortable with the language of symbols. But they can be pretty specific, too. “Drink more water” says one of my favorites and boy, is it always right. Sure, we all should drink plenty of water, but I’m so bad about it!

The second aspect is almost the opposite. Whether we are talking about oracle decks or motivational ones, they are utterly universal. We all have something to let go of, something we fear or hope for. I find it important to be periodically reminded of any issue that a typical card deck would present. I see it as a generic statement that says “How about this? Remember? How about that? Still valid? Too busy? How about slowing down?” We need to hear these messages over and over and cards are a fun way to do it.