Testimony of the Soul

Testimony of the Soul

A Book of Poems and Flowers

In 2010, my flower scans inspired Czech poet Jan Maruna to write a collection of poems. I selected 40 of my scans of iconic flowers, such as rose, tulip, iris, but also forget-me-nots and clover. Jan wrote a short  poem for each. The resulting volume was published by Tribun EU in a small edition.

In the upcoming year, I intend to translate his poems to English and publish them internationally as a bi-lingual full-color volume. It’s a wonderful book of positive poetry and images that will make a great gift to all gardeners and nature enthusiasts.

About Jan Maruna

Jan was born in 1949 and lives and writes in Hlinice, near Tábor, Czech Republic

Thus far he has published the following works:


  • Coexistence on the Edge – stories about people and animals
  • Diagnostic Drawing I and II – Personal stories of people and uncovering the real causes of their diseases

Fiction and Novels:

  • The Gravedigger from St. Bartholomew – a psychological novel
  • Ambergris and Sea within Us – a psychological novel
  • Train to Heaven – a novel
  • With the Life in Heels – a novel
  • Atonement – a novel

Poetry Collections:

  • Eizeret, published in Czech
  • Requiem for Love, published in Czech
  • Dreams, published in Czech
  • Traveler Between Mirrors, published in Czech
  • Miracles on the Other Side of the Soul, published in Czech
  • The Acacia Angel, published in Czech
  • In the Attic of the Soul, published in Czech
  • Angel from the Aquileia Basilica, published in Czech and French
  • The Queen, published in Czech
  • Vicini parenti, published in a Czech-Italian version
  • The Sandglass, published in Czech
  • Un Volto, published in a Czech-Italian version
  • Body for Sale, published in Czech
  • Cucire sul mantello dei sogni, published in a Czech-Italian version
  • Light on the Way, published in Czech
  • Luce sulla strada, published in Italian
  • Enitram, published in a Czech-Italian version
  • Thoughts from the Word and the Wood, published in Czech
  • The Blue-Eyed Horse, published in Czech
  • Blossoming Dog, published in Czech
  • Olives for Bread, published in Czech
  • The Sun Dial, published in a Czech-English version
  • On the Cut, published in a Czech-Italian version and in English
  • Olives from Puglia, published in Czech
  • Testimony of the Soul, published in Czech