Full Moon. Witches’ Night. A Personal Milestone.

Full Moon. Witches’ Night. A Personal Milestone.

April 30, 2018 0 By Michaela Freeman

Today we completed the hierarchy containing over 700 values. Hours and hours of work! Stage one is done, now the real work begins. 

Thank you, Alasdair Bouch, for your patience and help with creating the gigantic Value Anatomy spreadsheet.

Thank you Tony Achmat for the inspiration, illustrations and invaluable advice.

Thank you Jim Freeman for your input and eternal patience with me.

Daniel Kupšovský, Petra Bicanová, Jana Gigov, Alexandra Stevenson, Martin Pluhař and Sophie Parker-Reeves for encouragement and feedback.

BTW – The Bat is not only the symbol of witches but also the highest archetype in the hierarchy, a symbol of Awareness, Transcendence and Ritual. I hope to see some tonight as we light the fire.