Michaela Freeman: Home Page

Creative Services

Since 1997, I provide a unique portfolio of freelance creative services in Czech and English, including:

  • Czech>English Translations
  • Language Editing
  • Copywriting for Web & Marketing
  • Concept Development
  • Web & Content Development

I collaborate with my husband Jim Freeman, who is a native English speaker. We specialize in helping Czech companies, academics and scientists reach international audiences. This range of language and design services is very adaptive, ranging from scientific articles to, graphics, videos, creative writing, as well as web design or development.

Transformation & Guidance

Transformational processes for individuals, teams and businesses covers subjects such as:

  • Creativity Coaching / Courses
  • Value Anatomy (Core Values & Branding)
  • Emotional Intelligence Skills
  • Guidance through Change
  • Non-Denominational Rituals

I guide people through uncomfortable changes, expand their self-knowledge, emotional and spiritual intelligence but also practical creative skills. These services are suitable for teenagers, beginners, start-up, as well as seasoned professionals. My open and inclusive approach arises from wide experience spanning multiple cultures, religions and disciplines.

Current and Ongoing Projects