Testimony of the Soul (2010)

Testimony of the Soul (2010)

A Book of Poems and Flowers

In 2010, my flower scans inspired Czech poet Jan Maruna to write a collection of poems. I selected 40 of my scans of iconic flowers, such as rose, tulip, iris, but also forget-me-nots and clover. Jan wrote a short  poem for each. The resulting volume was published by Tribun EU in a small edition. It’s a wonderful book of positive poetry and images that makes a great gift to all Czechs-speaking gardeners and nature enthusiasts.

ISBN: 978-80-7399-147-0

About Jan Maruna

Jan was born in 1949 and lives and writes in Hlinice, near Tábor, Czech Republic

Thus far he has published the following works:


  • Coexistence on the Edge – stories about people and animals
  • Diagnostic Drawing I and II – Personal stories of people and uncovering the real causes of their diseases

Fiction and Novels:

  • The Gravedigger from St. Bartholomew – a psychological novel
  • Ambergris and Sea within Us – a psychological novel
  • Train to Heaven – a novel
  • With the Life in Heels – a novel
  • Atonement – a novel

Poetry Collections:

  • Eizeret, published in Czech
  • Requiem for Love, published in Czech
  • Dreams, published in Czech
  • Traveler Between Mirrors, published in Czech
  • Miracles on the Other Side of the Soul, published in Czech
  • The Acacia Angel, published in Czech
  • In the Attic of the Soul, published in Czech
  • Angel from the Aquileia Basilica, published in Czech and French
  • The Queen, published in Czech
  • Vicini parenti, published in a Czech-Italian version
  • The Sandglass, published in Czech
  • Un Volto, published in a Czech-Italian version
  • Body for Sale, published in Czech
  • Cucire sul mantello dei sogni, published in a Czech-Italian version
  • Light on the Way, published in Czech
  • Luce sulla strada, published in Italian
  • Enitram, published in a Czech-Italian version
  • Thoughts from the Word and the Wood, published in Czech
  • The Blue-Eyed Horse, published in Czech
  • Blossoming Dog, published in Czech
  • Olives for Bread, published in Czech
  • The Sun Dial, published in a Czech-English version
  • On the Cut, published in a Czech-Italian version and in English
  • Olives from Puglia, published in Czech
  • Testimony of the Soul, published in Czech