Meeting of the Minds

Meeting of the Minds

May 18, 2019 0 By Michaela Freeman
Photo by Altan Bozkurt

When I first left for Antalya, Turkey, in October 2018, I knew it was an important trip. I went there to visit my friend Olda who works as a dolphin-assisted therapist. I’ve been helping him with organizational work and PR for some seven years, so it was about time to finally meet the dolphins. What I didn’t know is that I would also meet his colleague Hasan and that our conversations over Turkish coffee would inspire me to write a book about the two of them and their work.

What I couldn’t have dreamed up at all is that seven months later, I would be back, this time accompanying a personal friend who was taking the therapy, much less that he would generously cover my costs. I absolutely couldn’t have guessed that he would end up offering managerial advice to the Value Anatomy project, seeing that we creatives need someone with a business sense on our team.

While Value Anatomy took a small detour as a project, because I spent most of the winter working on the dolphin book, the dolphin project then brought me two new amazing team members.

After many discussions, this time through I was able to sit down (yeah, on the living room floor) with Hasan and explain the whole concept. Being a healer, he immediately understood it and used it that very night with his friend who came to a major breakthrough about her life thanks to the matrix poster.

Dog trainers discourage people from playing tug of war with dog toys. I don’t recommend trying it with a three-meter dolphin either 🙂 But he did let go of the ball when I talked to him nicely. Thank you, Hasan, for your support, literally and metaphorically.

When not playing with dolphins, we realized that our knowledge and skills match in an unprecedented way.

  • Aside from dolphin-assisted therapy, Hasan also does Tibetan singing bowls massages, which means he works with chakras on the energy and healing level on a daily basis. Value Anatomy uses them as a purely intellectual element, so to me, it’s invaluable to talk to people who know their connections to organs, diseases, emotional blockages and more.
  • Hasan has a deep connection to dolphins and animals in general, as well as an understanding of their shamanistic and symbolic meanings.
  • Coming from a Muslim country, he beautifully fits into our multicultural mix.
  • Naturally, he has extensive practical knowledge of both functions and dysfunctions of the human psyche, because he works with some of the most severely disabled patients and their families.
  • He originally majored in mathematics and computer science. The first means that unlike me, he actually grasps the mathematical nature of Value Anatomy, the second one is even more critical – Hasan can help me redesign and program the Value Anatomy questionnaire, one of our core tools.
  • He also taught a range of subjects from mathematics to chess and has the right kind of didactic mind to help me structure a teaching program. Natural-born teachers are a gift.
  • Hasan has a seasonal job that means he might have a bit more time for this project in the summer and winter. Anyone who ever developed software these days understands that finding a programmer who has time for a fun development project is a miracle in itself. 🙂

I love how the Universe sends me a shadow manager and a software engineer who also happens to be a therapist, teacher and animal expert just when I need them!

Welcome aboard, my friends, you have no idea how much we appreciate your input, love an generosity. Your positivity boosted my morale at the right time.

Thank you!