Writing and Copywriting

Writing and Copywriting

Writing and copywriting are where I feel most at home. Hearing that I am a writer, people instantly ask if I’m famous. Well, not yet. There’s a lot of writing that goes on in the world that doesn’t necessarily lead to fame and fortune. It’s merely my job and my hobby.

Copywriting for Marketing and  Public Relations

Most of my texts don’t carry my name, such as copywriting for marketing and advertising, press releases, websites with hundreds of pages of descriptions and news (both for my own projects and clients). My product descriptions have appeared in countless catalogs and my infomercial articles were published in many glossy international magazines (Forbes, Sotheby’s, Yacht, Haute) and online publications (Dezeen, Sleeper). So, I can’t say I write for them in the sense that I would be one of their reporters, but my writing is being published in them, sometimes gracefully under one of their staff member’s name. But hey, that’s how it goes in the world of PR.

I’m not a journalist, I feed information to journalists and they usually just do “copy and paste” and write their own intro or conclusion. Occasionally I publish an article on subjects that I like, such as photography. I did a couple of articles for the Dreamstime photo database, one of which became the foundation of an article for a professional portal for designers and programmers, Sitepoint.com. Those happen simply because I already know the subject and formulate it as my observations or recommendations.

Non-Fiction Writing

I also wrote many instruction manuals, training materials, methodologies or drafts of legal documents, mainly for my own project management purposes and also for clients.

In 2014, I published a book (in Czech) on the methodology of animal-assisted therapy based on some 20 years of my own research. This may only be of interest to doctors and health-care professionals, social workers, teachers, and volunteers. We use it as a textbook for training volunteers and professionals. An article based on this research was requested by an education server for doctors. This was particularly funny because the server forced them to assign me a medical title I don’t have, in order for the computer to accept the article. So, there you go. I’m either nobody or “Dr. Michaela Freeman”.

Creative Writing

Like every serious writer, I have a shelf-full of material in process that could potentially make a writer known to the general public. Much of it depends upon research or collaboration, but most depends on me having enough time. This includes a historic novel and screenplay, four finished romance novels in various stages of editing, a bit of poetry and lots of writing on the subject of creativity and personal development. It’ll take a while, but I’ll get there.


Cover photo by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay although I still have my grandfather’s typewriter just like this 🙂