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Off to Meet the Dolphins

The Dolphin is one of the seven main animal symbols in Value Anatomy, embodying the energy of Love and the Heart Chakra. Seven years ago, I began collaborating with Olda Bureš, the first Czech dolphin therapist – meaning someone who assists dolphins in healing people, not the other way around. Olda spends each spring and…

By Michaela Freeman September 17, 2018 0

Happy Easter!

This Easter Monday was another major milestone for me. Tony Achmat came back from Sri Lanka with an envelope full of wonderful Zentangle images for the Value Anatomy cards and books. They depict symbolic animals for each section – 7 major ones and 49 minor. And they are amazing! I unpacked them in front of…

By Michaela Freeman April 2, 2018 0

First Mock-Up Cards

The extreme structure of Value Anatomy lends itself to many outputs. Among the ones we already discussed were books and video courses, as well as children’s games or motivational cards. I like working with both motivational and oracle card decks, so this seemed as a natural choice. Tony Achmat sent me some sample images from…

By Michaela Freeman April 1, 2018 0