Freelance Creative Services

I provide freelance creative services since 1997, ranging from language, design, project consulting to lessons and training focused on creativity as such and personal development. This diverse portfolio basically represents different ways of using the same creative skills, either directly applied to projects or passed on through consulting and teaching.

Concept Creation

Concept creation is the foundation of any creative or entrepreneurial project, educational, organizational or social vision. Raw ideas are formulated into clear goals, mission and qualitative standards – the counterparts of quantitative budgets and timelines. It’s the answer to the question every creative team asks “So, do we have something?”…

Content Strategy and Development

When content strategy and content development became buzzwords, I finally had a name for what was already doing for many years as a side effect of my creative projects, web design, brochures and more. I can turn intimidating piles of materials, ideas, notes, recordings and photo albums into final products….

Creativity Consulting

Creativity consulting gradually developed from my own career into various lectures, creativity coaching, and courses. Since 1996, long before it became a buzzword, I spent time studying creativity as a process, along with practicing it. There are inherent mechanisms creative people use that can and should be taught to others….

Design (Web, Books, Interiors…)

Design is a very broad term. I came to it through the back-door of technology, merely having an eye for what others missed. But I’ve completed enough projects to call myself a designer, creating and building over thirty websites – including graphics, content, and coding. I also dabble in graphic…

Translations and Editing

Translations and editing are an integral part of my life since 1997 if not earlier. Despite my growing portfolio of creative projects and services, I still like to translate and devote a portion of my time to it. Translations into English Thanks to having native English speakers at my fingertips,…

Writing and Copywriting

Writing and copywriting are where I feel most at home. Hearing that I am a writer, people instantly ask if I’m famous. Well, not yet. There’s a lot of writing that goes on in the world that doesn’t necessarily lead to fame and fortune. It’s merely my job and my…