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Taming Big Cats

We’re fascinated by big cats. Ever since Joy Adamson’s Born Free in 1960 (and likely many times before), we learned about people who raised and lived among big cats … and somehow didn’t get eaten. By the way, Joy Adamson, who wrote about her experiences of raising a lion cub named Elsa in Africa, was…

By Michaela Freeman October 15, 2011 0

The Last 20 Years

Recently I received two post cards from my friend Shelton Walsmith. Shelton is a photographer and artist who now lives in New York. Receiving something physical “all the way” from New York just made my day(s). It’s so unusual to get real mail these days. The first card was an invitation for Shelton’s exhibition, which…

By Michaela Freeman October 14, 2011 0

Get a Massage and Help a Good Cause

Massage Studios Support “The Way Home” Charity   My friend Petr Lacina and his colleagues are preparing a second fundraising event for a charity devoted to care for long-term ill and dying people. For one day, professional massage therapists devote their time and proceeds go to the charity. You can enjoy the both the massage…

By Michaela Freeman October 14, 2011 0