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Dolphin-Assisted Therapy – Working on a New Book

Dolphin-assisted therapy may be a new concept for you, but I spent the last seven years providing organizational support to Czech clients headed to Turkey to receive this treatment. Strangely, I didn’t get down there myself – until now. My Animal-Assisted Therapy Background My collaboration with Olda Bures, the first (and practically only) Czech dolphin-assisted…

By Michaela Freeman November 13, 2018 Off

The Iridescent Quill Exists

The Iridescent Quill was the name of the blog site that was eventually dismantled and redirected partly here and partly to the Lynx Library site. But there was an actual Iridescent Quill and the idea stayed with me. It’s a peacock feather given to me by my friend Martin as sort of a housewarming gift…

By Michaela Freeman October 7, 2011 0