Getting the Numbers Straight

Getting the Numbers Straight

February 13, 2018 0 By Michaela Freeman

For a woman interested in sacred geometry, I’m outrageously bad with numbers. I apparently have dyscalculia, the “number version” of dyslexia. 6 and 9 are kind of the same to me. Not good.

But I do understand 7 just fine. Value Anatomy became a 7-fold fractal, a pattern that seemingly endlessly repeats with more or less nuance, more or less density.

My visual side kicks in and I can almost see and sense this pattern, the template or grid, a matrix, whatever we decide to call it. I color-code it, sketch diagrams and schemes. But all these are merely visual representations of the mathematical nature of the universe.

The rainbow spectrum, which is composed of 7 basic colors, is how we humans see the world. Our eyes see a refraction of light and decode it as 7 colors and all the shades in between. But that’s not true with dogs for example, with various animals who either see black and white, limited selection of colors or perhaps more nuances than we do. The sevenfold color spectrum is how humans see the world. The sevenfold musical scale is how we hear the world – again, with myriads variations in between.

I looked into the significant number structures in our world:

  • The entire world of computers runs on a two-digit pattern of zeroes and ones – stunning! Zeroes and ones were enough to create an alternate reality, robots and the internet!
  • Our world is recognized as 3D with the fourth dimension being time.
  • There are four elements of nature with the possible fifth – the ether.
  • Geographic directions are based on an 8-principle system, with four main and four in-between directions.

It quickly became apparent that 7 is not only an important number culturally, but that it’s simply one of the grids on which our world runs – the grid of our psyche. It took me a while to realize that I’m comfortable thinking and operating within this matrix while being aware of it. I can build a structure around it and not get lost.

Today I finally met someone who understands these things professionally and works with them in her daily practice – Sophia Parker-Reeves. Sophia is an alternative therapist and numerologist. While I’m well converstant with tarot and astrology (although certainly not an expert), numerology flew right past me for two reasons – a) I’m really not good with number and b) I always think of calendars as very randomly established inventions and never thought they could play a significant role in terms of our birth date.

Astrology is about major celestial bodies and given how much moon affects us, it makes sense the other planets and stars would too. Together they also signify a time of year and it makes complete sense to me that kids born in the winter would see the world differently than summer babies. But numerology? Really?

Really. Sophia hit wrote down my birth day and ended up with two important numbers – 7 and 4. Seven, as she explained, is about “understanding the underlying principles of the universe.” She laughed and said “I bet you have these strange moments when you know you touched the Truth and that you can sense how everything works, right?” Yep. As weird as it sounds, I do. Number 4 is “About building things. You can’t stop yourself from building stuff – houses, companies, projects – it’s literally about putting corners on things.”

She had very little idea about Value Anatomy as a project and no idea about the fact that I’ve reconstructed several flats and spend my summers at our cottage, literally building walls, cabinets, shelves, steps… even a porch roof last summer. Indeed, I can’t stop myself from building stuff. Sophia – you got me. Welcome to the team! Thanks for helping me get the numbers straight! Now I know.