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The Last 20 Years

Recently I received two post cards from my friend Shelton Walsmith. Shelton is a photographer and artist who now lives in New York. Receiving something physical “all the way” from New York just made my day(s). It’s so unusual to get real mail these days. The first card was an invitation for Shelton’s exhibition, which…

By Michaela Freeman October 14, 2011 0

The Iridescent Quill Exists

The Iridescent Quill was the name of the blog site that was eventually dismantled and redirected partly here and partly to the Lynx Library site. But there was an actual Iridescent Quill and the idea stayed with me. It’s a peacock feather given to me by my friend Martin as sort of a housewarming gift…

By Michaela Freeman October 7, 2011 0