The Last 20 Years

The Last 20 Years

October 14, 2011 0 By Michaela Freeman

Recently I received two post cards from my friend Shelton Walsmith. Shelton is a photographer and artist who now lives in New York. Receiving something physical “all the way” from New York just made my day(s). It’s so unusual to get real mail these days. The first card was an invitation for Shelton’s exhibition, which I couldn’t make, for obvious reasons.

The second one was a handmade card, a piece of art in itself a small wonder with a casual note “the last 20 years” written in the corner. I haven’t seen Shelton in nearly that long. He was the man who got me interested in experimenting with scanography. He was there in the beginning of the incredible journey of my last 20 or so years. I put the card up on my magnetic board and think about its message every day. I’m grateful. That’s all I can say about that … and: Thank you, Shelton.

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Photo (c) Shelton Walsmith 1993 – double exposure photograph, Malostranské náměstí, Prague

P.S.: Shelton, there’s a Starbucks cafe in this spot now! Prague is a very different place nowadays.