Jim Freeman

Jim Freeman

April 17, 2013 0 By Michaela Freeman

Because I work from home and work together with my husband, my personal
life is fully blended with my professional and artistic life. It’s all part of
the whole.

If I were born a British aristocrat, I would jump off the cliffs of
Dover. If my husband was born an aristocrat, he would have loved the role. He
would foxhunt, play polo, discuss politics, restore a few castles, stroll in
the gardens, read a lot, sail yachts and smoke cigars after a long, long meal.
He might have even acquired a taste for five-o-clock tea. But he was born
American, loves coffee and walks around in corduroys. Yet somehow, he managed
to do most of the above anyway, during the time he lived in the US (minus the
castles, that is).

After a career as a landscape architect, after sailing, horseback
riding, fishing, hunting and golfing, he came to Europe to finally do what he had
always wanted to do – write. He’s been very prolific, completed three novels, a
screenplay, couple of short theater plays, over three hundred poems (see PragueWriter.com)
and thousands of political columns (see Dark-Side-of-the-Moon.com). All his
are now available in both print and e-book formats at www.Jim-Freeman.com

When we met, we both lived and worked in Prague, both wrote and realized
we had the same circle of friends. After a rocky beginning, we became
inseparable. We’ve been together (pretty much 24 hours a day!) since May 1995,
some 10 years of that in the rather isolated environment of mountain villages.
That’s coming close to twenty years! Wow, how did that ever happen?
In any case, it’s not going away. Jim is not only a great husband, he’s
an excellent mentor to me and many of our young friends. He plays the double
role of cheerleader and Devil’s advocate to all our crazy ideas. Jim has the
track record and wealth of experience to back that up, but in many ways, he’s
younger than we are. Actually, he’s just an oversized kid.
When an astrologist saw our joint horoscope, she gave me a pleased
smile. “This must be about fourth time I’ve seen something like this. You two
have such nice settings. You don’t really worry about whether you love each
other, it’s just there. That’s sweet. You see, people like you simply don’t
come here,”
she explained. I never take it for granted, but it’s true – it’s
just there.