Writing at Loreta Monastery

Writing at Loreta Monastery

January 7, 2018 0 By Michaela Freeman

I rented a room in the Loreta Monastery at the Prague Castle in order to find the peace to write the Value Anatomy book. The cloister was founded in 1600 by a saint who came from Italy to Rudolph II’s court in Prague. It was the same court that hosted Prague’s famous alchemists.

Blending cultures and world views Prague had always been a hub for alternative thinking, including Templar and Maltese knights, later also Free Masons and similar orders.

Aside from the dominant Catholic church, we also always had strong opposing currents and different influnces – the Hussites, the rich Jewish mysticism tradition, traces of our original Paganism that are still very much present. The word Prague has its origin in the word threshold and I always felt that Prague is such a threshold to many. People come here, let this city transform them and then move on.

I’m sitting here in the heart of hearts, in complete silence in a room where people prayed and contemplated for some four hundred years. It’s humbling.

Every hour, 30 bells of the largest church carillon in Europe chime a melody. The Capuchin friars live down the hall, wearing the same brown robes with long hoods that gave their order its name. I will never be one of them but I understand them.

I’m at home here. This is the right place for defining human values.